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Managed Services

Network Assessment: Your network is "running slow" and you don't know why

  • We'll run tools to survey and document your network identifying problems and areas to improve performance and reliability.
  • Networks tend to grow organically. They are constantly changed and updated as situations require and budgets permit. Without periodic check-ups they may slowdown!
  • A comprehensive review is a great starting place to plan changes with an eye toward the future, instead of reacting to problems.

Monitoring Services & Maintenance: Servers and Network

  • Let Tech Partners monitor your server's performance 24/7, and fix problems to keep you up and running.
  • Tech Partners will use our tools to update the monitored devices on your network, including Operating System patches, server application updates (e.g. Microsoft Exchange), AntiVirus definitions and backup program updates.
  • We'll perform problem remediation and maintenance either remotely or on-site, for the quickest, most efficient result.
  • Tech Partners remediation and maintenance plans are designed for your business requirements and budgets.

Backup Systems…Are you backing up your key data and client files?

With the right system you're assured of business continuity, seamlessly and efficiently. Different businesses require different levels of frequency and redundancy for data security. Tech Partners offers customized levels of Backups:

  1. On-line backup with local support from Tech Partners, L.A.'s IT experts
    Internet based on-line backup systems are great for daily incremental changes to your files, but you need a local IT firm to avoid what can be days or weeks of continuous file transmission, when your data is initially sent on-line.

    With Tech Partners…if you have 30 gigs or more to back-up, instead of a long on-line initial data transmission, we can come out and quickly copy your encrypted files to an external hard drive for rapid installation to our secure backup servers in L.A.'s downtown Data Center district (and…not halfway around the world!). Then, our backup software takes only your daily incremental changes on-line, to keep your files up-to-date and backed-up!

    Tech Partners file transfer software:

    • Encrypt files to servers using the latest encryption methods.
    • Receive email notification to confirm data is successfully sent
    • Quickly restore lost data, and if your files are too big to quickly restore on-line, we can jump in the car and bring them over!
  2. Local backup:
    Tech Partners deploys an on-site backup solution to duplicate your data to the media of your choice: tape, hard drive or BluRay/DVD.
  3. Specialized server/tape drive system These systems offer the greatest flexibility for transactional frequency requirements, and off-site disaster recovery storage. Backup options and frequency changes are customizable on the fly.

    Keys to successful backup:
    • Disaster Recovery needs to include copies of your needed software, licenses and installation discs. If the worst happens, you need to have your licenses to reinstall business critical applications. When we set-up backups, we will work with you to ensure you have a setup with all the pertinent information required to have a successful backup, so your business is quickly up and functioning.
    • Our backup software includes industry leaders like Symantec Backup Exec, Net Backup plus open source alternatives like Amanda, Bacula and Retrospec for the Mac world.

IT Administration

Response Time

Quick response is an industry requirement in the IT world. When you call Tech Partners you speak with an Engineer who can solve your problem, not a dispatcher. While normal working hours are 8 AM to 6 PM, we are known for meeting our client's requirements, special needs and working hours.

For Managed Services clients, servers and networks are monitored 24/7. Tech Partners Engineers make every effort to remediate issues as soon as they arise in order to minimize any disruption to your working day.


For those not in our managed services plan, it breaks… we fix it, based on pre-negotiated rates at time of the contract or prevailing rates in effect.

Supplemental / Vacation Staffing

What do you do when you're IT staff is out for vacation, training or medical absence? Stop letting things accumulate while they're out, solve your problems immediately and give your IT department the break they need.

  • We can supplement hours on a scheduled basis or call us and we'll have someone onsite within a short period of time.
  • We'll work with your IT specialist to create a profile of your environment, so when you need back-up, our people are prepared.
  • We will schedule our staff around your needs for those weeks to make sure your business sails along smoothly just like your vacationing staff.