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Server virtualization is to computers what the Model T was to cars; it revolutionizes the industry in ways not yet fully exploited.

  • Separating expensive hardware from single function servers, Virtualization allows a single well configured server to run 4, 5 or more servers at the same time.  These servers share resources, from memory and processor to hard disks and shared storage.  This abstraction allows businesses to install and run multiple servers at one time all sharing the cost of the hardware.
  • Managed and implemented correctly your hardware per server costs could be cut by 75% or more!  A single investment now is spread across your Microsoft Domain controller, File storage, printer sharing, SQL server and web servers … all running at the same time with no performance issues.
  • When server utilization averages less than 50% during peak hours these are prime candidates for virtualization.  Even at a two into one metric, the maintenance savings alone can quickly pay for these enhancements.
  • When Virtualization is extended to its technical and logical conclusion, all servers share SAN / NAS storage and run on several virtualized hardware platforms. This allows on the fly load balancing and even scheduled movement of servers for performance.
  • End of the month reporting?  No problem: Move your SQL servers to dedicated hardware, and slide file and print servers to other hardware. Now accounting won't interrupt other SQL users as they report on your monthly profits.
  • VMWare and Xen are the two industry leaders. Allow us to show you the benefits of both and help you decide on the route to true hardware consolidation and efficiency. 

Cabling / Network Building

The network is the lifeblood of your environment. It is the connectivity that brings the entire collection together and allows the work and files in your environment to move from one location to the other. Networking is as much a science as it is an art.

  • Fast and reliable networks require the cabling to be in place and current with today's technology. Current networks are averaging 1 GB connectivity with 10GB coming soon. This wired connectivity is the backbone of the environment you rely on, on a daily basis.
  • The physical security of the network is in the location and connection of the jacks built into your facility, while wireless networking frees you from the bond of wires and location, giving staff the option of working anywhere at any time. Wireless networks bring complications and security requirements that differ from wired networks. Keeping data secure and out of others hands is paramount to the setup of wireless networks.

Custom Application (Development & Management)

Have a need that nothing out there can seem to solve? Spent months looking for an off the shelf solution to a problem that has no stock solution? We can help you take your idea and turn it into reality. Yes we know it's a trite phase and has been overused, but this is what we do.

  • We custom develop applications and business workflows using industry best products to build what you need, from PHP web development (it's a passion of ours) to desktop centric visual basic / .net applications.
  • We will help you create the solution to your problem, and along the way we will document how and why it works so when it's complete we can manage it for you.
  • With documentation and experience managing the application we can refine your custom product over time with you into the exact and evolving product you need.

Microsoft SharePoint

The buzz today is all about collaboration, how to share information effectively and securely in your organization while maintaining workflows already in place. Microsoft released its' revolutionary SharePoint software in this space, enabling mid and small size businesses to collaborate information as previously only Fortune 500 companies could.

  • SharePoint enables a company to share information in a variety of ways, from address books, to calendars, defect tracking sites, expense sheets and helpdesk systems. And, that's just the start as all these options can be modified to suit individual needs.
  • SharePoint contains basic elements such as alerting, storage management including document versioning and advanced permissions to act as a repository for your information.

Audit and Review (Security and Performance)

It's nerve racking for a business to let go of key staff. The potential security nightmare is usually ignored. This shouldn't be the case.

  • Tech Partners will come out and audit your network and servers for potential security issues and can immediately resolve them onsite, or provide written documentation for internal departments to adopt and implement.
  • Annual reviews can prevent malicious attacks on your network both from inside the network and outside, with written recommendations and plans of remediation our reviews are not just checklists of yes or no questions but in depth tools and plans for solutions.
  • Audits/reviews are conducted by only our senior engineers with prep time and remediation time included in the flat fee.

Firewalls and Network Intrusion

Firewalls are the first line of defense for any network. Acting as the "castle wall" to protect your sensitive information, they permit only the traffic you expressly allow into your office, making your office network and connection to the internet safe and secure. With the advent of the newer firewalls, you can add anti-virus filtering, content filtering (e.g., remove MySpace or Facebook from your network) and allow remote users the ability to securely connect to your office from anywhere in the world. We recommend that every office with an internet connection regardless of size, have a firewall.

Network Intrusion provides defense against unauthorized devices being added to your local network without your knowledge. Commonly important for large environments with many devices coming on and off the network on a daily basis; Network intrusion works within the firewall, protecting against unauthorized users plugging in to the network behind the firewall. Network Intrusion devices/packages can perform strict preventative actions based on defined rules set by the client.

Home Theater Integration / Custom Computers

Have something special on your mind, a challenge or gift that you wish to make one of a kind? We can help. We have been building PC's for decades and understand the unique challenges of special opportunities that clients dream up. Talk to us and allow us to quote a project for you that will exceed your expectations and not drain your pocket book.