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Entertainment & Media

Post Production Applications

With many years experience in Post Production, Tech Partners have integrated, developed and deployed many customized applications for this specialized and timeframe driven industry. From Final Cut Server and Final Cut Studio setups to Avid online and offline systems and trans-code servers, Tech Partners have done it all. Leveraging our datacenter, Tech Partners can provide web applications and shared hosting of custom video, dailies and playback servers for the Production side of the business as well. With our diverse array of industry contacts and vendors we can manage the largest of facility build outs and moves, such as the case when Tech Partners' Darin Harris managed the move of industry veteran Post Group to its new facilities in Hollywood in 2009.

AVID Workflow

Avid shop? Final Cut? Either way Tech partners can support your offline setups complete with Unity and Final Cut Server support, installation and ongoing maintenance. End of the season or hiatus backups to tape or hard drive, even to our remote secure servers in downtown for full time access to your material. We can make it happen.

Scheduling & Asset Management Software

After years in the industry Tech Partners has seen all manner of scheduling and asset management software and have been instrumental in several large scale roll-outs. From VizuAll to Xytech we can help you implement, choose or migrate your business to one of these powerful and necessary applications. Gain a better insight into your staff, your assets, project revenue and profitability and avoid conflicts for resources that lead to potential client nightmares. Tech Partners can even write customized applications that will allow your clients access into their inventory of elements at your facility.