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Enterprise Project Management

Project Management Experience

Major national investment bank, East Coast operations, Metropolitan Area Network
Overall: Upgrade network equipment and network systems for Metropolitan Area Network over an 18 month period, including 3 data centers (Brooklyn, Manhattan, North Carolina), and several hundred branch offices. Client had 5 year old, slow equipment in need of upgrade. Switching gear occupied excessive data center space in high cost location.
Parameters: Minimize downtown during upgrade. Work in 16 hour windows on weekends, between Tokyo market close and London market open.
Responsibility: Network design, vendor negotiation, procurement, set-up and installation
Resources: 6 engineers from Consulting firm, 20 engineers from Client. $980,000. budget, not including equipment cost.
Challenges/Innovation: By changing Switching equipment vendors, gained faster performance at the half the price. Reduced space requirements for Switching gear by 80%. Established a temporary data center in North Carolina utilizing leased equipment, so two data centers could be on-line at all times, one serving as a back-up, as the data centers were upgraded one by one. There was never a time when the system was down, during the entire period of the project.

Major automotive corporation, Special project team, Engineering, Finance and Administration Office
Overall: Move Networks and Servers for 6,000 user division to new facility
Parameters: 7 month time frame
Responsibility: Create RFP's and procure hardware, procure and install racking, build and install servers, set-up operating systems tying in to current Active Directory
Resources: 4 Engineers from Consulting firm, 9 staff from client (combination Admin, Engineering, Legal and Procurement)
Challenges/Innovation: In mid move, client decided to upgrade to new Active Directory Domain controllers, mail servers and SQL servers. Finally the job had to be accomplished in 90 days.

Major Hollywood production facility, Data Center
Overall: Design and build new 25,000 sq. ft. data center for client's media post production operations
Parameters: 9 month time frame. Cost minimization was paramount.
Responsibility: Budget, vendor negotiation, procurement, installation, start-up
Resources: 1 from Consulting firm, 3 from client and outside vendors
Challenges/Innovation: Achieved 23% under budget result, mostly through procurement and design innovations, such as utilizing better air conditioning structures for the data center instead of multiple non-dedicated units, and creating one central UPS for the entire building excluding administrative offices.

Manage large corporate subsidiary during Oracle implementation and corporate consolidation
Overall: Manage Western region subsidiary during implementation of Oracle system in all aspects of company operations. While member of corporate senior management group, participate in planning the consolidation of three sales/service subsidiaries to one company with nearly 1 billion in revenues.
Parameters: The 3 subsidiaries had different administration processes, sales organization structures and compensation systems, and Service management practices and metrics.
Challenges/Innovation: Phase in changes gradually over 3 years to minimize disruption to daily business activities, while maintaining sales, customer satisfaction and company morale.

Oversee organization winning and implementing digital copier contract in one of the country's largest municipalities
Manage organization connecting over 2,000 multi-function printers to all departments of the City.